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Ready to Share My New Cookbook with You: Roz Weitzman’s World of Yunnan Cuisine

Roz Weitzman's World of Yunnan Cuisine

I am thrilled that my ebook, pdf and soft cover editions of “Roz Weitzman’s World of Yunnan Cuisine” are finished and ready to share with you on my newly launched website!

It’s been such a fun (and tasty too) recipe writing, cooking, photographing, illustrating and getting ‘Chinese’-creative in the kitchen!

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Yunnan is located in southwest China and borders Myanmar, Lao and Viet Nam

What’s included?

70+ Yunnan recipes and beautiful illustrations of the food

  • completely made from scratch
  • few difficult to find ingredients
  • suitable for any cooking level whether you are a beginner or a pro
  • most use a simple wok and no fancy equipment
  • notes about Yunnan Tea Culture and Tea Brewing
  • interesting reads about Local Yunnan Food Culture including a ‘walk’ through a Local Wet Market
  • stories about the people in a Local Wet Market, ‘The Bread Couple’ and ‘The Fruit Lady’
  • how to cut ingredients the Chinese way with a cleaver


  • meal menu plans
  • shopping and food prep tips
  • suggestions for how to spice it up or ramp it down
  • and more!

Why this book?

There any many, many cookbooks out there. So what sets  “Roz Weitzman’s World of Yunnan Cuisine”apart?

  • No hard-to-find ingredients – everyone has the access and budget!
  • No difficult techniques – Yunnan food isn’t tough to make!
  • Short prep and cook time – people are busy! Most recipes take 30 minutes or less to make.
  • No fancy equipment – all you need is a wok pan, a pot, a wok spatula and a cleaver.
  • Single/four-serving – but easily scalable to feed more or less!
  • No more boring Chinese Stir Fry!

Available in softcover, epub, mobi, and pdf!
Let me prove to you that ANYONE can cook mind-blowingly delicious and simple Yunnan Cuisine with accessible ingredients.

If you are a beginner: this is the perfect book for you. I will guide you, step by step, from grocery shopping –> prep –> creating inspiring food.

If you are an experienced cook: this is also the perfect book for you. Use my recipes, traditional Yunnan flavors, and methods as inspiration to build upon!

Order this book online , directly from Roz if you’re in China through a Chinese bank transfer or I’ll send to you in mid-July when I’ll be bringing copies to Toronto.
Soft cover book is $22.00 + Shipping or 132 RMB + Shipping

Buy it Now

Order this book now!

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A Glimpse into the Life of a Fruit Seller in China

Beautiful fruit for sale

Beautiful fruit for sale

For a fruit seller in China, it’s impossible to deny that the hours and the work are demanding. And yet you can see by the smile on her face that Zheng Hui (郑慧), a fruit shop owner in my local market, is a woman who loves her occupation.

Lots of work to do in the shop

Lots of work to do in the shop

Demanding would be an understatement. Her normal workday begins with a drive together with her husband to her distributors in a fruit market in Jin Ma Zheng Chang Village(金马正昌) near Ju Hua Cun (菊花村)each morning at 5am. Her shop closes when the market shuts down at about 8:30pm: 7/365, no days off!

It’s not easy to find good tasting fruit, even though Kunming is very close to the fruit farming areas. Zheng’s challenge is to find the best fruit at the best price. How she does this each day is truly amazing but she has four criteria. She judged the fruit by its colour, its texture, the place of production and the flavour, tasting each and every batch of fruit before buying.


Fruits and nuts for sale

Fruits and nuts for sale


Although the majority of the work rests on her shoulders, Zheng has trusted helpers to assist in managing the daily jobs that keep the attractive shop running so well. It’s simply too much work for one person. Her husband who runs a flower shop in a nearby market helps her out from time to time in the busy hours and her mother-in-law and father-in-law are often there during the afternoons. As a bystander, it’s easy to tell that she has a wonderful relationship with her family whom she says she loves very much.

Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife

Zheng Hui and her Father-in-Law

Zheng Hui and her Father-in-Law

Zheng Hui and her Mother-in-Law

Zheng Hui and her Mother-in-Law

Coming from Chongqing in Sichuan Province 5 years ago, her incentive for starting in the fruit business was her love of eating fruit. And she decided to move to Kunming to open a fruit shop because in her words, “Kunming has a lot of fruit.” If she is near the source, that is ‘good fruit’, then she could be successful.

In addition to her trusted family, Zheng has some business partners who are fruit farmers and distributors from different places around the Kunming area. Her distributor lives in Lanyi Village and they have been working together for many years. Over time, they have come to trust each other 100%.

With farming and distribution methods constantly improving in China it’s easy to imagine that she could solve her major difficulty soon. Regarding this, she replies, “You just can’t find good quality fruit everyday for my values customers, that’s my big problem.”

A happy customer with  hard to find the cherries from Australia

A happy customer with hard to find the cherries from Australia

To my amazement, there’s a new method of marketing fruit that’s popped up recently, that of selling fruit on WeChat. It’s hard to imagine that buying fruit without seeing it, touching, smelling and maybe even tasting it, but this movement is starting to take hold in certain areas around university campuses.

It’s hard to beat coming to her shop though. Zheng is always happy and smiling and as a regular customer, it makes you feel so good. With her prices fair, her advice honest, and being able to buy delicious fruit and nuts from her, I am fortunate that I found her! It’s quite true when she says the thing she likes most about her business is that it gives her the opportunity to get to know more people and become good friends. Certainly, beyond just being a loyal customer, she’s got a friend in me!


Outside of her shop

Outside of her shop

rozlogo5noplaneWatch for the second in my series of Chinese Cuisine cookbooks, “Roz Weitzman’s World of Yunnan Cuisine”, to be published shortly on,, and in soft cover through

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