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Apple Map Includes the Diaoyu Islands-The Diaoyu Islands Belongs to Okinawa Under a Fallen Apple

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With the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, the increasingly tense Sino-Japanese relations, the Japanese right-wing anti-China demonstrations held today. Middle of Sino-Japanese relations on the occasion of the Diaoyu Islands warming, Apple’s latest mobile phones in Japan iPhone5 Today on sale the iPhone5 for the Japanese market is no longer used previously the iPhone4s equipped with the Google Maps, choose to use the map developed by Apple, iPhone5 comes The map will be marked Diaoyu Islands with the Japanese name “Senkaku Islands” and address marked as “the city of Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Prior to this, when the input “Senkaku Islands” (i.e. Japan called “Senkaku Islands”), for sale in the United States iPhone5 own map services only display their latitude and longitude, did not show the specific name and attribution information. This kind of thing seriously stimulate the hearts of the Chinese people. If this is really the case, then the face of the Chinese people around the world, perhaps not anyone buy an Apple phone, and as the world’s largest mobile phone market, not China, to the end of Apple’s future. Fallen more than Japan, as well as Apple.
When asked about this issue with Apple phone customer service staff, the Apple customer service given answer is: “For the time being unclear.”In the iPhone5 own map search box, enter “Diaoyu Islands” and “Senkaku Islands”, can retrieve the location of Diaoyu Islands, but the text marked a significant difference. Input “Diaoyu Islands” search, maps marked only the latitude and longitude of the Diaoyu Islands, the location and orientation information, without any specific name further tap into the detailed description, nor any name and address of the display. Search input “Senkaku Islands”, the corresponding position shows “Senkaku Islands” words, that Japan Click to enter a detailed description of the general term of the Diaoyu Islands, more specific labeling of the Diaoyu Islands where the address of the “city of Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.The Apple Map Diaoyu Islands allocated to the rumors of Japanese netizens message expressed anger and said that if the rumors are true, will resist using iPhone5. “If they are, then I put all Apple products at home sealed, the future no longer buy Apple products.” Friends “Dragonfly” message. “Apple is a move tantamount to abandoning the entire Chinese market!” Netizen “the Dazhi sister” said. “I upgraded the first thing is to check over the Diaoyu Islands belong to go, see China relieved.” Friends, “his brother wanted to fly,” said. Pay attention to you, I’ve tried the map where the Diaoyu Islands in China, rest assured. “Netizens” Little Lamb “message. But users have posted screenshots, said that the the Apple Maps will be sold in Japan on the Diaoyu Islands vesting is “not marked”.

The face of the divergent views of users, the Apple map in the Chinese market high-Tak Holdings staff, said yesterday: “map with all mobile phones in the domestic market are needed before the approval of the Ministry of Industry and listed, and the Diaoyu Islands in China, so there is no iPhone5 map division of the Diaoyu Islands to Japan this statement, please rest assured that the use of the staff of the Ministry of Industry and responded, phone approval, there is no such problem in China’s listed. But for the friends said Apple phone overseas version Sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands is not marked “Apple customer service given answer is:” we do not know, but the Diaoyu Islands are China’s. ”

In fact, faced with such a situation occur, more or less be some impact of the Chinese people, and the impact of the larger Apple. Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent sovereign Apple map, allocated to the Diaoyu Islands to Japan, then I am afraid that the Chinese mobile phone users began to boycott Apple as the world’s largest mobile phone consumer countries, the Chinese market, the future of Apple also dim.

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