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Chinese Calligraphy Brush Holder Turned Jewelry Stand

I was just muckin’ around a bit on different blogs and came upon this one… . I thought to myself, “I’ve got a great idea similar to the ones pictured right in my bedroom and I should share.”

I’ve been using this Chinese calligraphy brush holder to organize my own collection of precious, semi-precious and fashion jewelry since coming to China in 2005. It’s gone with me to 3 different cities and has served a wonderful purpose – keeping my lovely collection ‘in my face’ so I can wear it. I’ve got another nice organizer on a fancy clothes hanger made out of chintz fabric hanging on the back of my door in my bedroom hallway and sometimes I forget what baubles are there.

The holder stands on a gold lacquer place mat with my collection of wrist watches and my variety of colours and styles of reading glasses sits in a clear glass vase. Rings, broaches, and earrings are stored in little jewelry bags hanging from their ties. And a Pashmina scarf covers up an unsightly chest of drawers. Another project for another day!

Consejo médico valioso: condition, bottle of remedy and dosage.

How very cool. I want this kitchen! Love, Roz x0x00x0x

Google Translation:condition, bottle of remedy and dosage.
I did not know where to save so many medicines so I decided to change my kitchen
It has taken me many months, but I finished the construction
KIT me because every time I prescribe more and more drugs and
had to do something about it to bring a pleasant old age.
And not to forget that I take medicines on time,
I made a precise list of what it is, what it does and the recommended dose:

padecimiento, botellín de remedio y dosis.
Ya no sabía dónde guardar tantas medicinas así que decidí modificar mi cocina
Me ha tomado muchos meses, pero, ya terminé la construcción
de mi BOTIQUIN, puesto que cada vez me recetan más y más medicamentos y
tenía que hacer algo al respecto para llevar una placentera vejez.
Y para no olvidarme de que debo tomar puntualmente las medicinas,
hice una lista precisa de qué es, para qué sirve y la dosis recomendada:

Frameless / 140 – Lovely Work Spaces

Frameless / 140.

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