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Zen Pipe Tutorial – Quick Start

Start of a ZenPipe Game

Start of a ZenPipe Game

ZenPipe for iPhone is a relaxing game of luck, logic and skill. And very addictive too! Since the game is not timed, you can think carefully about each move at any pace you enjoy.

Object of the game:

·      The object is to connect all the pipes correctly (turned grey) in the least number of moves or rotates. Each rotate counts as one move.

·      Click the pipes to rotate them to their right position.

·      Pipes that are grey can be turned back to red again if they are in the wrong position and visa versa.

Some Things Can Be Controlled, Some Are Just Luck:

·      Sometimes the pipes will rotate clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise. There is not telling which way they will turn.

·      It is a game of chance in the way all the pipes are situated at the start of the game.

·      Some procedures will lessen your moves especially when you learn how the pipes move and connect.

·      A good dose of strategy and logic is involved.

How to Begin:

·      Complete the outer rectangle by rotating all the outside pipes to connect them.

·      You will be tempted, as I often am, to start completing the connections. But you stand a better chance of getting a lower score by waiting to complete until all the pipes on the outside edges are in their place.

Complete the outer edge in ZenPipe

Complete the outer edge in ZenPipe

Connecting the Outer Edge:

·      Corner pipes at the corners have only one correct position, facing inside.

·      Corner pipes on the sides have 2 correct positions, facing in and rotated to the left, or facing in and rotated to the right. If there is a corner pipe facing left, the next one will face right and so on.

·      Straight pipes only have one correct position along the edges and only need to be rotated once to achieve.

·      T-pipes have three openings. They have four positions when rotated. They also have only one correct position, which is with the opposite openings along the edges with the third opening facing inside.

Connecting the Inside Pipes:

Each player will use a different strategy. Each game will require a different beginning.

Once you have connected the pipes on the outer edge, the rest is logic and knowing how the pipes connect to one another. Getting to know the pipes and how they work and how they connect when clicked takes some time but is the essence of getting a low score.

Finished ZenPipe Game

Finished ZenPipe Game – one more rotate to complete, not the same game

ZenPipe Scores

ZenPipe Scores

Changes We’d Like to See:

Unfortunately you cannot see your game when its completed.  There is only one level of difficulty. Also you can’t see your score as you proceed. Hopefully in new releases we will have these functions.


Enjoy a relaxing game of ZenPipe because they are not timed.


ZenPipe for iPad has 90 pipes and ZenPipe for iPhone has 65 pipes so scores on iPad will be greater.

iPad Game Before Rotating

iPad Game Before Rotating

iPad ZenPipe Outer Edge Completed

iPad ZenPipe Outer Edge Completed

iPad ZenPipe Game Solved

iPad ZenPipe Game Solved

ZenPipe Score on iPad

ZenPipe Score on iPad – not the same game

Good luck!!!!

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