Published Works

Published Works

ePublished: “Roz Weitzman’s World of Chinese Comfort Food” and “Roz Weitzman’s World of Chinese Comfort Food – Illustrated Version” on & &

Online Ezine Recipes for

As a regular contributor and resident chef of the ezine, GoKunming, the following recipes and articles about life in Kunming including topics of my Urban Sketchers Kunming group have been published to date:

Snapshot: The Urban Sketchers of Kunming October 10, 2019

Exploring Kunming Bread: Guandu Baba December 24, 2013

Yunnan-Style Sweet & Sour Ribs May 28, 2013

Yunnan Copper Pot Rice April 19, 2013

Yunnan-Style Hong Shao Rou March 19, 2013

Yunnan Mint & Green Onions February 27, 2013

Yunnan-Style Red Beans & Shiitakes January 29, 2013

Yunnan-Style Tomato Salad December 24, 2012

Yunnan Shredded Chicken With Chili Sauce November 29, 2012

Yunnan Spicy Taro & Greens November 11, 2012

Yunnan-Style Pork & Egg Custard October 2, 2012

Yunnan-Style Lotus Root & Pork September 16, 2012

Yunnan-Style Edamame Beans & Garlic September 1, 2012

Catalog of Published Writing

Created Employee Handbook and Management Operations Handbooks for Agincourt Autohaus Inc., Scarborough Ontario

Created the Business Huddle newsletter.

Created strategy documents for Business Huddle Inc. for Huddle clients.

Created an instructions guide for Frogmorton Studios for a construction workshop.

Created a user guide for IBM Canada for a software tool for sizing and estimating of telephone service equipment.

Created several proposal documents for Sprint Canada during the team’s information gathering phase of purchasing some telecommunications equipment.

Created several documents for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) Electronic Banking Services.  These manuals documented the software and the training program for call centre Fraud Detection.

Created a sales guide for a telecom network for Mackin Consultants (written for Alpha Telecom in the UK).  This technical guide outlined the equipment to operate the long distance network, defined the process involved and was to be used by network specialists at Alpha Telecom.  Produced a network design document defining network topography, equipment specifications and software revisions.

Created a corporate document for Rogers AT&T Wireless and AT&T Canada outlining the rules of engagement for the merging of the top 500 clients for the purpose of sales clarification for the VP’s of sales and their sales forces.

Created a 220-page user’s manual for Canac Kitchens documented the in house software by liaising with the programmers.

Created the WinHelp screens for WinCAD and using RoboHelp for Canac Kitchens.  RoboHelp was used for this project to complete the online help screens for the Kitchen design software.

Created two process guides for Oracle Applications for Canac Kitchens.  These guides outlined the process of inputting customer applications into Canac’s Accounts Receivable.

Created five newsletters for Airborne Limousine.

Created employee manual for Airborne Limousinei including a Driver Training Manual.

Created employee manual for Canadian Limousine Association including a Driver Training Manual.

Created a 200+ Family recipe cookbook.

Created Management Guide for Metro Toronto Police Services Pro-Action

MINS Magazine, 2011 – article published in July/August, 2011 issue, and Proofreader

Published many how-to miniature articles for Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine:

The Rainbow Bridge

How to Use Creative Paper Clay

The Lighthouse

The Kids Workshops

The Log Cabin Part 1 & 2

How to Make a Garden Bench

How to Make Miniature Luggage

Miniatures in China, Articles 1, 2 and 3

The articles describe, in detail, the step-by-step process for making various scenes and other projects in miniatures.

Instructions for Kits for FromTheHeart, including Box Spring and Mattress Kit, Linen Completer Kit, Garden Trellis Kit, Terrarium Kit, Picnic Basket Kit, Beach Bag Kit, Flat of Grapes Kit, Notebook Portfolio Kit, Spider Plant Kit, Split Leaf Philodendron Kit, Canister Kit, Photo Album Kits, Cigar Boxes Kit, Birthday Bag Kit, Perfume Bottles Kit.

Instruction Manuals for Model Builder Supply Inc for kits:

Hot Tub Kit

Juke Box Kit

Pond Kit

Designed a website for FromTheHeart Miniatures using MS FrontPage.  The 100-page website markets miniatures for e-commerce.

Other publications include the Small Business Canada Magazine, Miniature Collector and Publishing Co., Miniature Gazette.


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