Educational Philosophy

My Personal Educational Philosophy     By Roz Weitzman

 I believe the goal of an educational institution is:

  • To create the best possible learning experience and a safe, enthusiastic environment for each child.
  • To educate the whole child including the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and creative domains.
  • To educate students for their future roles in society as leaders of the 21st century, including understanding global environmental issues.
  • To make a child’s world one that consists of a warmth and love, a love for learning, an excitement in discovery, and a secure feeling of belonging.
  • To develop children’s independence as well as successful and positive ways of interacting in the world around them.
  • To build bridges between the home and the school for the betterment of the children.

I believe that curriculum:

  • Should be set up by professionals and in consultation with parents.
  • Should be integrated within a variety of subject areas.
  • Should promote literacy.
  • Should teach values such as honesty, responsibility, respect, and self-discipline.
  • Should be child-centered.
  • Should include basic skills, and have opportunities for students to use high level thinking skills, and build intra-personal and inter-personal social skills.

I believe:

  • Every child can learn given an appropriate learning environment.
  • Each individual has enormous potential for thinking and learning.
  • Students need to have learning experiences that are relevant to their life.
  • Learning experiences should be integrated so there is purpose in what they learn.
  • Students learn more from active hands-on curriculum that allows them to explore and create.
  • Students do not all learn the same way.
  • Students learn from each other and from the modeling of behaviors by other students and adults.

I believe a teacher:

  • Is a professional who has great interest in guiding children in ways so as to reach their potential.
  • Has a role to create educational opportunities for students that enable them to think, value, feel, and act in age-appropriate ways.
  • Is a coach for thinking and learning, not a giver of facts.
  • Should have a love for children, subject matter, and a vision of teaching and learning.
  • Is introspective, constantly learning and growing in the profession; life-long learner.
  • Should create a learning environment that extends beyond the traditional classroom to real-time experiences, real-life applications, and community partnerships in learning.
  • Is a mentor of other teachers and parents.

My educational philosophy has made me a life-long learner. My impact on children through my years in teaching has proven to be positive; subsequently, I believe my philosophy is a success “formula.” I believe in the impact that I have made within the educational community in Toronto, Canada and in China, and look forward to future opportunities to give more and share cross-cultural experiences.

  1. Its deep thought and concise style strikes me as I HAVE A DREAM.
    However, I’ve 2 suggestions: 1. For the 3rd part, can it say I BELIEVE STUDENTS:
    2. For the sequence, I prefer INSTITUTION, CURRICULUM,

    • Thanks for your comments, Ray but as I wrote in my previous comment to you, I cannot change anything on the blog now. I cannot log onto the blog management tools. They are blocked.

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