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I love chatting about stuff – travel, China, reading, writing, interior design, crafting, and a mish-mash of other topics and more. You can find me at the following haunts:

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“Roz Weitzman’s World of Chinese Comfort Food – Simple Everyday Cooking For Novice and Experiences Chefs Alike” – ePublished at Lulu:

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Love, Roz

Roz Weitzman, Educator/Teacher Trainer/Writer
Kunming, Yunnan, 650220 People’s Republic of China

Live Well,
Love Much,
Laugh Often!

  1. Am really happy to have found your blog. I was training 30 teachers in Kunming last April and I LOVED Kunming and Dai food . Have tried to find it on the w.w.w. but no luck.
    I also agree with your Ed philosophy and your taste in music! My husband has a rock’n roll band where our daughter does the backing singing and our so-in-law plays lead. You can find my blog which is just a collection of some of my work http://susanhillyard.blogspot.com.ar/
    and The Exits site here
    I am an avid Asian cook….learned when I lived and worked in Singapore and have lots of friends who always ask for invites!!!!
    Based in Buenos Aires, Arg
    Working in Special Education, training 15 teachers to teach English through drama in 20 special schools:

    Susan Hillyard

    • Hi Susan,
      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, Yunnan food is great! I’m almost finished writing my Yunnan cookbook. It’s been a long process to test and retest the recipes but I’m almost there.

      I’ll let you know when it ready to epublish!

      Thanks for the great comments. Enjoy your time in Argenina!
      Regards, Roz

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